Innovation Now™ brings your listeners compelling stories of revolutionary discoveries, emerging technologies, and the people behind the concepts that shape our future.

Written and produced by the National Institute of Aerospace (NIA) through the generous support of NASA and distributed by WHRV 89.5 Norfolk, VA, The Innovation Now™ radio program is available to your station at NO COST.

Each 90-second episode, which is targeted for the general adult listener, explores the innovative people, processes, and inventions that benefit our lives and impact our world. Current topics include breakthrough discoveries in space exploration, communication, energy, medicine, transportation, and more.

NIA produces ~260 90-second Innovation Now™ interstitials annually so you can bring listeners a fresh, new episode every weekday (Monday through Friday) throughout the year. The FREE episodes are bundled and released on a weekly schedule to make it easy for your station to add Innovation Now™ to your programming roster. Each segment can also be posted and podcasted from your station’s web site.

Weekly programming bundles include audio files, script documents, episode descriptions, and Innovation Now™ logos.

In addition to the audio podcasts, video versions of four selected episodes are created each month to include on social media or post on station web sites. The videos are hosted on the Innovation Now YouTube site: Stations may utilize the videos by embedding the YouTube link.
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